Rock n Roll Lullabies.

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Rock n Roll Lullabies.

partyof-two said: They didn't do the IV with you there?? I think Reagan would be terrified if I wasn't there for him to hold on to while they did it!

Nope. We changed him into his little hospital gown, sat with him during vitals, and then a nurse kind of bundled him in a blanket and took him away. He was only a little over a year so I’m sure it’s different, but it sucked when they took him back.


Yesterday Charlie fell out of her Rock n Play and I just about had a heart attack.

I had just got home from work and Elia had her asleep upstairs in the twins’ room. I walked up to get Cash up for his speech therapy appointment and as soon as I got to the top of the stairs I heard a super loud thunk and then Charlie screaming bloody murder. I ran in and found her on the floor on her stomach crying and crying. Everyone ran into the room and Patience was screaming in her bed, it was just a loud horrible mess. 

I took Charlie to my bedroom with the lights low, checked her over, and nursed her until she calmed down. I was just super grateful that she fell upstairs on the carpet. Both of the twins fell off our bed before they were 1 and we have hard floors. She is totally fine not even a mark on her. I took her with me to Cash’s speech therapy appointment and she was in a good mood. 

Chad told me that Elia thought that I was going to beat her up. I actually thought that I did a pretty good job of NOT freaking out on her at all. 

This morning she promised to always strap Charlie into anything with straps, even if she might wake up. 

So that happened. Ughhh. 

Rock n Roll Lullabies.

theboylanjrs said: How did you get the twins to like tummy time? I'm sure I'm unnecessarily freaking out about him not lifting his head on his belly yet haha

They never really liked it and after a while I stopped pushing it as much. Once they were like 5 months they would roll on to tier stomachs themselves and work on crawling and didn’t have a problem lifting their heads up… Which we already knew since they could hold up their heads when we held them or reclined with them on our chests.
Someone told me to get down in their eye line during tummy time and that will help them like it more..I think that would help them go like 5 minutes before screaming too much.

Rock n Roll Lullabies.

me-postpartum said: It's called "Cooking Light First Foods: baby steps to a lifetime of healthy eating". It's broken down by age, new to solids through toddlerhood. I like it because the recipes aren't horribly complicated and they're also just good starting points to creating your own recipes. It has little tips in it on encouraging kids to eat healthy and cooking healthy for the whole family. The over 12 months recipes are definitely adult friendly, too.

Cool! I never spoonfed the twins and I’m not planning on it for Charlie either so I love recipes that everyone can eat!