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Weekend Wrap up: Mmmm… Wraps…

Not a whole lot happened this weekend. We took the kids to Ikea on Saturday, I ate 4 Krispy Kreme doughnuts in 8 minutes (it was cheat day! Geez!), then on Sunday I drank all the beers while Chad built out a play room for the twins. 

Sooo…. Wraaaaaaps…. are off limits on the diet that I am on week 3 of.

Slow Carb. Not sure why it is called Slow Carb when essentially all carbs are banned from the menu except for on sweet sweet cheat day (or cheat weekend). 

A regular day’s meals are pretty boring and repetitive, but if you really really look at what you are already eating you probably repeat meals pretty frequently anyway. Week one of this diet was INSANE. I was a ball of white hot rage and hate. I spent most of the time locked in my office as to avoid contact with other humans.

Now a couple of days into week 3 it isn’t that bad, and I have finally started to drop some weight. I was getting a little discouraged, hence how cheat day became cheat weekend.

So, this weekend I enjoyed:

2 watermelon margaritas, a cob salad with cheese and dressing, waaaayyy too many KK doughnuts, almost a tub of ginger snaps, and A LOT of Bud Light. Oh, and my first Starbucks in 2 weeks, also, cake pops. Lots and lots of cake pops.  I ate more than that but those were boring diet meals.

I will now remember my weekends by the foods I eat.

I want to post about the playroom but need to wait until I can get some decent photos.